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Executive Coaching & Team Management

Aislinn Tudhope - Coach for Creatives

Aislinn Tudhope  -  Executive Coach for Creatives


I'm Aislinn Tudhope. 

I am an Executive Coach for Creatives. Specializing in those who work in Film and TV.  I work with individuals, and in-house, to help people find work-life balance and create effective stress management suited for you, or your production.  

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Why Film & TV

We work in high-stress, tight-deadline environments and are expected to make the impossible possible. We work making the unreal real and somehow forget to look at ourselves and our realities. 

Have you or any of your crew experienced any of the below?






Depressive thoughts


Anger Management issues


Brain Fog

We are at the forefront of technology - why not working practices too?

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Marielle, Netherlands

Aislinn facilitated a business constellation in our Zoom-session because I had a question about what was holding me back in a project. I had some trouble formulating my exact question. But for Aislinn this was not a problem. We just started with the constellation. I was impressed by her spot-on questions and the way she facilitated me. She works extremely intuitive, but in a down-to-earth way. The result was that for me it became very clear what was holding me back. Not only in this project, but in my work in general. This was something totally different than I expected. I feel that in one hour we came to an insight that I was looking for for al long time. And in that same hour she showed me all the resources I had to get to results in my project. Right now my project is in a flow!I would really recommend to ask Aislinn for help. She creates a relaxed and safe space to explore questions.                                                             

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