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Why Should I Hire You?

The Work I do will....


Make You Money

  • Targets workflow inefficiencies

  • Addresses communication challenges

  • Enhances production team effectiveness

  • Enhances the quality of projects on screen


Make Your Work More Efficient

  • Optimizes collaboration and productivity on set

  • Develops leadership skills

  • Fosters a positive work environment

  • Supports the well-being of cast and crew

  • Creates a healthier work environment

51% asked for better line management, to  support wellbeing.

65% of those working in the industry considering leaving due to mental health concerns.


Make You An Industry Leader

  • Position you as a trailblazer in fostering mental health awareness and support within the industry

  • Contribute to the success and well-being of individuals

  • Enhances your reputation as an industry leader committed to both professional success and personal well-being.

  • Promote mental health awareness and support

78% say that work intensity is harming their mental health. With 31% having suicidal thoughts.
11% higher than
the Nat. Avg. 

All Stats come from The Film and TV Charity Survey. 

For more Stats here's the report. 

Good emotional IQ is vital to our health

How I do it?



Emotional Education:
to help you understand why we feel certain ways and why our body reacts the way it does. 


This is a whole-system approach

Through this, we take into account

all the aspects of you.

Home, Work, Relationships and Health. 


fitness classes to help with stress
Fitness classes - instructors to be brought in so that you can make that class that you normally miss. Help to eleviate the days stress
Stress free
Meditation Classes:
to help you with focus, stress and balancing your nervous system. 
Coaching -
to help you breakdown what happening and how best to
deal with it. Create structured ways of working with people and to make your work
flow more efficient.
Coaching promotes good ental health and sense of wellbeing
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